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Let us try to explain that to you in a somewhat not traditional way. We’re a group of people that strongly believes in company culture. We define culture as a place you want to be, not have to be. We’re an eclectic group banded together by the belief system that knowing each other a deeper level, leads to trust and when you trust each other as much as we do, there is a deep desire to be accountable to each other, our candidates and clients. We believe that the right thing for a client candidate and employee at Rylem are always the same thing.

Staffing comes naturally to Mike, and he has always expressed gratitude to those who have trained, inspired, and continued to believe in him even when it could have been doubtful. Throughout the years, Mike considers himself to be a student of life and constantly teaches and motivates his team with new initiatives. Outside of work you can find Mike with his two sons golfing, spending time on the water, and rooting for our Seahawks!

Much of Guy’s career, prior to co-founding Rylem, was research in biology. This led him to a position in Biological Pharmaceutical development, where he spent the better part of two decades. While he found this to be personally and professionally rewarding, when the company he worked at was purchased, he turned in energies to trying a new challenge in life.

Prior to founding Rylem in 2007, Kim grew the Harvey Nash accounting/finance Seattle division from a start-up to a multimillion dollar organization. She leverages 12 years of expertise in Accounting and Finance placement, and has brought her passion to the business she started with her partners. A true communicator and intense ‘people person,’ she is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Communications. Kim is always on the run— running her business, cruising through 3 half-marathons and dashing to keep up with her two little girls, Morgan and Caylee.

Juli joined Rylem in 2014 as a sourcer, and has since been promoted to recruiter and presently sourcing manager. Originally from Germany with a background in economics and data analysis, she quickly discovered her passion for sourcing and recruitment. She speaks fluent boolean and enjoys recruiting for finance, accounting and analytics roles. Juli directly manages all sourcers and is in charge of recruiter training and development at Rylem overall. If you haven’t met Juli at SourceCon, Engage or Sourcing7 events yet, be sure to ping her to learn more about careers at Rylem!

Mandy joined Rylem in 2015 as the manager of the people department. She possesses 7+ years of staffing experience in environments including operations, marketing, training and development, customer service, immigration, payroll, benefits and consultant/client engagement. Dedicated to the people, she has outstanding leadership, decision-making, organizational, and collaborative skills coupled with passion for the staffing industry! She has lived in Seattle for the past 10 years with her husband and three children.

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Some amazing companies we've 
had the pleasure to work with.

“Rylem’s team offered me a great service and my first professional experience in the United States. They found the right job for me based on my skills and qualifications, Rylem’s team helped throughout each stage of the recruitment process getting me my first opportunity working as a contractor for a great worldwide company at Amazon, Seattle.” – Michelle Mojica

I have already heard back about the internship I applied through Job Finder, that's the fastest job reply I've ever gotten and it's so much better than waiting weeks to hear back.

“My experience with Rylem has been wonderful, from beginning to end! After extremely lacklusterexperiences with contracting agencies in the past, I'll admit I went into our partnership with a lot of reservations, but thanks to an amazing and intuitive staff, I felt genuinely cared for and it was easy to put my trust in Erik and the rest of the team. They worked so hard on my behalf and landed me a dream position where I couldn't be happier! I have recommended them to anyone I know looking for placement and I have to say that I find my relationship with them to be extremely rewarding and supportive. I am profoundly grateful for all that they have done on my behalf, and I look forward to a
productive and enjoyable collaboration!” – Therese Boling

As a consultant, there are very few agencies in the Seattle market that will care about you and treat you as well as Rylem will. I can’t think of anyone I worked with at Rylem who wouldn’t go above and beyond to do whatever it took to do right by their contractors.

“It has been an incredible experience with Rylem. A Rylem recruiter found me on LinkedIn after I’d been living in Seattle for a year and a month later I was working at Amazon—the best job I’ve ever had! Rylem provides great health benefits and a subsidized Orca card, putting them far above their competition in the contracting business—contractors get the same benefits Rylem employees get. My recruiter keeps in regular touch with me to make sure everything is going well and the company’s founders have even checked in on me to help me and make sure my Rylem experience is a good one. My favorite aspect of the agency is that Rylem hosts regular happy hour events, so contractors can meet recruiters, which
strengthens the relationships between recruiter and contractor.” – Ben L.