BOM SPECIALIST I - Project Coordinator I

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BOM SPECIALIST I - Project Coordinator I
Bachelor's Degree or BA in Engineering, Mathematics, or Science

Job Details


- Scrub the modules list and figuring out ways to save on cost, including adjust BOM quantities for different/like site types, diving deep into like modules that are drastically more expensive in cost by site type, and submitting changes to adjust these. 

- Goal would be to save by $1M by EOY.

- Partner with procurement to provide a cost for each Custom Quote for each site type.

- Develop weekly reporting and hosting meetings with the corresponding groups for communication, deep diving, and tracking of cost savings.

- Working with Launch, Procurement, Ops Design, CCM, Capital Planning, and any other Eng Serv Group to gain approvals of this adjustments

- Track all adjustments through the PLM process for future referencing.

- Complete and other BOM related issues that come up during their findings, or from other teams

-  This person will need to perform a 100% complete scrub of every BOM item to ensure that it's accurate, still the correct items, cost, and any other attributes are all correct.

Interaction level:

- Highly interactive working with CCM, Procurement, Capital Planning, Ops Design - auditing every UIN (unique identification number) for every module. Very detail oriented, analyze data, flag problems, work with CCM team and Procurement to audit and fix


  • Bachelor’s degree is required
  • 1-2 years project management experience, very detail oriented looking at every SINGLE detail, find defects and solve them (reading and writing),
  • Expert in Excel
  • 1-2 years data analysis of determining what makes sense and what doesn’t  
  • MUST be detailed oriented to filter and audit
  • Strong Attention to Detail, and Bias for Action
  • Strong verbal communicator  to discuss from business perspective
  • Strong writer
  • Ordering procurement experience is a plus for BOM


  • B.A. in Engineering, Mathematics, or Science is a plus
  • Experience in complex database work
  • Experience with cost savings tracking
  • Be able to handle multiple request at once


What makes this role interesting?

* Module – already have drawings for every workstation in the entire world, but don’t have details on quantities and where they go. Ensuring composite person has the right information to dive in.

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