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Email Producer
Austin, TX

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Our client is seeking an HTML Email Developer to join our Creative Dept. to support our Email Marketing Team and our growing email programs for consumer and homeowner communications. This global position is based in Austin and will work directly with marketing teams spanning client's entire brand portfolio. This includes working with team members and marketers in our two main locations (London and Austin).


Online portfolio with HTML email examples required to apply.


What You'll Do

  • Build, QA and deliver HTML templates; ensure all creative assets     are optimized for delivery and performance.
  • Develop and code new mobile-optimized templates to support new     content as needed based on existing templates
  • Build trigger-based/programmatic communications that increase our     core metrics while reducing our reliance on manual creation
  • Support an A/B testing roadmap for continuous email optimization
  • Troubleshoot display, rendering and delivery issues (across various     browsers, clients, devices)
  • Manage a library of email HTMLs and components so content is     accessible by other developers or email marketers
  • Support versioning for 15+ brands/regions and multiple languages
  • Support development of new email campaigns, programs and processes
  • Maintain awareness of email and marketing trends and make     recommendations on optimization tactics and best practices
  • Optimize and refine your work and existing HTML for better     performance and opportunities to add personalization and dynamic elements


Workeffectively in a fast-paced environment where multitasking is an absolute must.


Skills& Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, Information Design, Digital Media     Design or other visual arts
  • Strong portfolio that demonstrates originality and innovation
  • At least 5 years of email development and testing deployment     experience
  • Responsive development perspective with a mobile-first mentality
  • Highly proficient in Sketch, Photoshop and other designed based     programs
  • Expert knowledge and experience coding for HTML
  • Expert in CSS and all of the different email client quirks related     to styling emails
  • Comfortable using node-based development tools on your local machine    
  • Experience troubleshooting display, rendering, and delivery issues     (across various browsers, clients, devices) using Litmus


Whatsuccess looks like for this person:

  • Should be well versed in the limitations of email clients and how     to design attractive and effective emails within those constraints.     Experience in Eloqua, Marketo or other email delivery platforms a plus.     Bonus points for experience with Message Gears, Razor code and/or     FreeMarker
  • Critical Success Factors Comfort in asking probing questions until     direction is well understood; able to constructively and effectively     negotiate sensitive issues with people in senior positions to you
  • Punctuality mindset. You take deadlines seriously and have the     ability to navigate asks in order to deliver your work on time and on spec     consistently.
  • Optimism. You maintain a positive energy that inspires those around     you.
  • Detail obsession. Every line of code matters to you. Clean code is     a must in your eyes.

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